Heidleberg 74-6-P-H-L For Sale

Used Printing Press ID Number: UPP61H746

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Installed Features:

  • CPTronic
  • CPC 1-04
  • Alcolor Dampening
  • Royse Refrigeration and Recirculation
  • Autoplate
  • Preset
  • Automatic Blanket Wash
  • Automatic Ink Roller Wash
  • Automatic Impression Cylinder Wash
  • IR Dryer
  • Ink Temperature Control
  • Dry Powder Spray Unit
  • Non-Stop Feeder
  • Steel Plate In Feeder
  • Steel Plate In Delivery
  • Chromed Impression Cylinders
  • Sheet Decurler
  • Perfects 2-4
  • 19 Million Impressions
  • Standard Parts and Accessories

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