Man Roland

MAN Roland, the world's second largest manufacturer of printing systems, provides solutions for: publications, commercial, and packaging printers.

MAN Roland Sheet fed, offset printing press line.

Roland 200

The economical alternative offering exceptional print quality

The new compact Roland 200 is a 13,000 sph, 20 x 29-inch format sheetfed press offering users superb print quality with ease of operation. Available in 2/0, 4/0 and 5/0 configurations (115 and 170 square feet respectively), the press handles a wide range of stocks from "bible" paper to 0.032-inch board and foil.

Totally redesigned from its predecessor, the renowned Roland 200, the new unitized Roland 200 is frequently called upon for two- and four-color printing of high-quality catalog/sell sheets by commercial printers and forms printing by in-plant printing departments.

Roland 300

The commercial printing press with the "productivity" format

The Roland 300 perfecting press, the half format commercial press, offers users shorter makeready times and fast job changeovers, high production speed, and efficient, economical operation. The press is available in two- to eight-color configurations for printing on sheets up to 23-1/4 x 29-1/8 inches in either straight or perfecting modes and can be equipped with up to three perfectors and a coater.

Roland 500

The packaging press for the "on-demand" market

The Roland 500 straight-only, high-quality packaging press is designed to meet the trend in the packaging industry for shorter "print-on-demand" runs to accomplish lower inventories and meet tight deadlines. The R500 allows printers to print "as needed" to replenish inventory stocks and meet last-minute changes in packaging designs and text.

A very high-speed press (18,000 sph) due to its horizontal "flatter" sheet-transfer design, the Roland 500 shares the unique 23-1/4 x 29-1/8 - inch format with its sister press, the highly regarded Roland 300 commercial press.

Automated press features include: plate changing, format, stock thickness setup, and washup for blanket and impression cylinders plus ink unit to minimize makeready. (Stock thicknesses of 0.004 to 0.04 inches can be accommodated.)

Roland 700

The versatile 40-inch press

The MAN Roland 700 has established a reputation for extraordinary print quality and exceptional productivity. It can be configured for two to 10 colors and a single/double coater. The R700 features a double-size impression cylinder and touchless sheet transfer for print quality and application versatility. With 10 unit and perfector, the R700 can print five colors on two sides in a single pass.

The Roland 700 features the CIP3-compliant PECOM console. The system allows storage and retrieval of job information. It also can interface to industry management information systems.

Features include automatic format setting, automatic ink/roller blanket washers, and remote control inking. PPL is standard and APL (automatic plate loading) is available. Also offered are automatic washup, sheet size and thickness changes, and straight-to-perfecting mode changeover in less than a minute. Speeds: 15,000 sph in straight production or 12,000 sph in perfecting mode.

The infeed is designed for short makereadies, high productivity, and reduced waste. Features include automatic lateral pile correction, pile hoist controlled by front edge and/or back edge of sheet, speed compensated air control of suction head, vacuum feed board, sheet slowdown before infeed; optical trend display at the feeder, delivery and PECOM press center; mechanical and electronic double-sheet detector with an optional third mechanical detector.

Roland 900

The versatile large-format press offering exceptional print quality

The MAN Roland 900 handles medium- to long-run packaging, commercial printing, and other large-format applications. It incorporates "common-sense" automation and prints at speeds up to 13,000 sheets per hour.

The PECOM Press Center provides networking and is the basis for print quality and automated print production. Automated plate changing and sheet size thickness changes contribute to quick makeready.

The Roland 900 provides the flexibility to print a range of jobs on thin papers up to 1.2 mm/0.040" carton stocks.

The method of applying coating to meet job requirements can be varied by using either a laser-engraved anilox roller and doctor blade or conventional two-roller coater. The versatile large-format press offering exceptional print quality. The MAN Roland 900 handles medium- to long-run packaging, commercial printing, and other large-format applications. It incorporates "common-sense" automation and prints at speeds up to13,000 sheets per hour.

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