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Komori L-526CWe are an authority on Komori and Heidelberg presses of all vintages. However, this information will assist those interested in other sheet fed presses besides the Komori Lithrone, or Heidelberg Speedmaster, such as Mitsubishi, Ryobi, Harris, Meihle, and Akiyama. When negotiating with Offset Printing Press Dealers, regarding the use of press equipment, you want to be clear on the history and manufacturer of the press. In any press line history there are both large and subtle changes that can greatly impact your decision making process. In addition, offset printing presses originally sold in Europe and Asia are different than a printing press manufactured for the U.S. market. The lineage of the printing press itself, it’s original destination, and press accessories such as sprayers and dryers, all play a role in determining exactly what it is your are purchasing.

Please review our sheetfed press information and if you would like a copy of the Complete Insiders Guide to Purchasing a Press, please fill out the request form. The guide will detail the important elements to look for, tips on determining the true origin of the machine, how machines are sold and what to look for in a contract.

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